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Cultural awareness and expression as a key competence

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“Competence in cultural awareness and expression involves having an understanding of and respect for how ideas and meaning are creatively expressed and communicated in different cultures and through a range of arts and other cultural forms. It involves being engaged in understanding, developing and expressing one’s own ideas and sense of place or role in

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Fourth Transnational Meeting

Fourth Transnational Meeting

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On the 27th of August, the Fourth Transnational Meeting of the project “Kitchen of Skills” took place at the Suupohjan Kehittämisyhdistys ry Teknologiapuisto in Finland. The duration of the meeting was four days and was concluded on the 30th of August. This meeting was attended by Stowarzyszenie LGD Dolina Rady, KIKO Educational Solutions Ltd, Development

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Kitchen of Skills is the outcome of CUHEKO Project: “Through Culinary Heritage to Key Competences”. The CUHEKO project is an international Strategic Partnership Program, co-financed by the European Union under the Erasmus+ Program.


   The International project “Through culinary heritage to key competences” is co-financed by the EU ERASMUS-Programme.