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Charakis Research & Consulting Ltd. (www.charakis.com / www.crccy.com), is a private business consulting and Research & Development firm. Established in 2003, CRC Ltd. was expanded in Greece with the development of CRC Hellas in 2004. Since 2013, it is the Cyprus Partner of the multinational firm, Gi Group, one of the largest HR Consulting, Training and Staffing companies in the world, with global revenues of 1.6bn. Charakis Research & Consulting, offers a full range of consulting services on a tailor-made basis according to the specific needs of its clients.

Our main philosophy is innovation. We invest in research and development because we believe that competitiveness comes through innovation and diversity. Our approach focuses on helping our clients achieve significant and sustainable results. Our services are divided into three main categories:

  • Consulting Services
  • Research and Development
  • Training

Business Consulting Solutions:

Charakis Research & Consulting Ltd. offers high quality consulting services. With a market orientation approach targeting ongoing development and through the use of modern management tools, we provide our services to a wide range of business sectors. Our solutions are divided into two main categories; the “Classic Solutions”, which consist of Strategy & Management Solutions, HR Solutions, Functionalization Alignment , and Meta Management; and the “Innovative Solutions” which consist of Innovation Management & Development, Specialised Food Industry Services – Food Innovation, Intrapreunership Road Map Development, and Neuro Linguistic Programming Specialised Services
Furthermore, the company also specializes in several Food Services. These food services consist of specialized services with the use of state-of-the-art food technology and are the following:

  • New Product Development
  • Functional Food Development
  • Specialised Marketing for the Food Industry
  • Taste Panel
  • Test Panel
  • Clinical Research
  • SpecialisedPromotion Approaches for Traditional Foods
  • Wine Promotion consulting

Research & Development:

Charakis Research & Consulting Ltd. invests and actively takes part in Research & Development projects and has multiple links and co operations with academic institutions, achieving thus state-of-the-art research activities. Among others, through extensive R&D, the company developed the NEMO System, the first European integrated content management tool specialized in promoting digital information with location based services. Furthermore, CRC was the HR expert partner at the Research project NAFTOTHORAX dealing with the development of a system linking the Academia with the Maritime Sector and identifying the training and development needs of the employees of the sector so as to create the Cyprus Maritime Cluster. Moreover, it is worth mentioning the company’s involvement in the RATTAS project, dealing with Racism trends towards immigrants and other special groups of people.

The company has Strategic Alliance with both the Agricultural University of Athens and the Athens Technological Educational Institute of Food Technology. Thus it provides research services as: Research for the development of new functional foods; enrichment of meat and poultry; taste panels; test panels; and patenting new products with clinical research.


Finally, the main area of involvement is the provision of coaching and training programs in multiple business areas in the markets of Greece and Cyprus. Particularly, CRC Ltd. is an accredited training organization by the Cyprus Human Development Authority and developed and organised more than 5,000 hours of training programs during the last years. In 2007, the company launched specialized service lines based on the techniques of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in Adult and Business training and in various business consulting aspects.

Through these specialized services, both businesses and individuals can improve or even change their approach in dealing with various situations in their personal and work environment. It can also increase the number of choices in the task of achieving personal or business goals and it can develop their communication skills and strengthen their ability to influence people in their daily interactions.

On a business level, NLP provides the tools and techniques that give the chance to companies and their executives to understand and collect all the appropriate information in order to meet the criteria and needs of their customers. It can recruit and creatively stimulate and inspire their people on how they can use their full potential. Finally, NLP has the tools for individuals engaged in various fields such as doctors, lawyers, journalists and all those who wish to develop their skills and flexibility of persuasion with elegance and creativity.

Furthermore, since 2007, Charakis Research & Consulting, in cooperation with the Department of Nutritional Physiology and Feeding of the Faculty of Animal Science and Aquaculture of the Athens Agriculture University developed specialised training programs for companies and individuals both in Cyprus and Greece, regarding the trends in Food Marketing, Promotion of Traditional Food, food functionality, Food Export Approaches.

The company has organised more than 100 programs specialised for the food and beverage companies. More specifically, Charakis Research & Consulting was the first to introduce in the market, training programs like: “Functional Food Development”, “Speciliased Food Marketing”, “Promoting Exports for the Food Industry”, and “Promotion of Traditional Food”.

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Kitchen of Skills is the outcome of CUHEKO Project: “Through Culinary Heritage to Key Competences”. The CUHEKO project is an international Strategic Partnership Program, co-financed by the European Union under the Erasmus+ Program.


    The International project “Through culinary heritage to key competences” is co-financed by the EU ERASMUS+ Programme.