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Development Agency Kozjansko is a non-profit public institution founded in 1999, in order to proceed with the development of municipalities Šentjur and Dobje. The Agency has the status of a sub regional agency, responsible for the development of 7 municipalities (50.000 inhabitants). The Agency has a highly qualified team, which is active in preparation of local and regional development plans, sustainable development of rural sector, eco-tourism, promotion, etc. Important areas in which the Agency works are preparation of the long term development programme of the Kozjansko and Dravinjsko area, and a development programme for the rural part of the area. During the last few years, the agency has gained considerable experience in implementing European projects in rural development, tourism, human resources development and other areas.

Development Agency Kozjansko acts as a manager of the Local Action Group “From Pohorje to Bohor” (LAG). Members of the LAG are representatives of different societies, associations, local economy, municipalities, different public institutions and active individuals. In addition, the agency is involved in CBC cooperation programmes and other international programmes.

The agency was involved in the setting up of environmental and tourism infrastructure, of industrial zones as well as the setting up of regional business incubator. Indeed, 36 projects have already been implemented through the Leader program in the following fields: education of the rural population; hiking, learning and tourist routes in order to stimulate the development of tourism; business in the rural area and self-employment; active approach to organizing and connecting the local youth, with the goal of keeping hold of educated young people within the area after they are done with their studies; several projects dealing with landscaping and preservation of traditional crafts and customs; education and training for preservation of cultural and natural heritage in order to connect and combine tradition and development; and setting up of brands for locally grown products in order to raise the regional identity of the area and improve the level of local self-sufficiency. These activities have contributed to the growth of the regional identity of the area in several fields such as, being an attractive destination for tourists, being open and prosperous for business and providing a high quality of life for the local population.

For further information visit http://www.ra-kozjansko.si

Kitchen of Skills is the outcome of CUHEKO Project: “Through Culinary Heritage to Key Competences”. The CUHEKO project is an international Strategic Partnership Program, co-financed by the European Union under the Erasmus+ Program.


    The International project “Through culinary heritage to key competences” is co-financed by the EU ERASMUS+ Programme.