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KIKO Educational Solutions is a Polish training, advisory and educational company experienced in trainings and methodology design. During last 10 years it has developed advanced skills in national and international projects’ management as well as control and project’s outcomes dissemination on the big scale. KIKO Educational Solutions Sp.zo.o. has been established on the basis of experience of KIKO Business Solutions company, which was established in year 2008 and has been active on the Polish training and consultancy market for last 10 years.

KIKO uses traditional management techniques as well as innovative methods of development and realization of new, creative ideas and projects. It carries out consultancy and trainings for public institutions, companies/ enterprises, organisations. The company’s staff and experts have many years of expertise in professional methodology of effective communication, psychology, cognitive process as well as training, university lecturing and coaching experience. The organisation’s mission is to deliver professional, effective training and education services for adults and professionals with the usage of modern and innovative training and education tools. As a part of KIKO’s education and training activities they create and develop programmes and methodologies which are very effective and when evaluated gain high scores in terms of ROI, effectiveness and target reaching.

The organization staff is experienced in the realization of international innovative educational projects with experience in ERASMUS+ Strategic partnership Project with acronym COMDENT – “Development communication competences among medical doctors with specialization in dentistry” which was led by KIKO Business Solutions (which is being continued by KIKO Educational Solutions).

In year 2017, the organisation was honoured with the prestigious EDU Inspirations 2017 Award granted by the National Agency of the ERASMUS + EU Program (in Poland the Foundation for the Development of the Education System) in the Professional Education category for the project “Developing communication competence among medical doctors with specialisation in dentistry”.

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Kitchen of Skills is the outcome of CUHEKO Project: “Through Culinary Heritage to Key Competences”. The CUHEKO project is an international Strategic Partnership Program, co-financed by the European Union under the Erasmus+ Program.


    The International project “Through culinary heritage to key competences” is co-financed by the EU ERASMUS+ Programme.