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LAG Suupohja supports rural players in developing their home region and increasing its attractiveness. An important part of the activities is supporting the establishment of new companies and helping create jobs with the help of the EU’s Leader funding.

LAG was established by the local people of the Suupohja region in 1996. It is a registered association that operates in the sub-region called Suupohja in Western Finland. This area includes the municipalities of Kauhajoki, Isojoki, Karijoki, Teuva Kurikka, and is inhabited by 36.000 people.

Emphasis points of Leader Suupohja’s strategy are small businesses and jobs, Bioeconomy and sustainable development, Digital Suupohja, basic services and development of the villages and The Active resident (culture, communicatios, development work).

For further information visit http://www.leadersuupohja.fi

Kitchen of Skills is the outcome of CUHEKO Project: “Through Culinary Heritage to Key Competences”. The CUHEKO project is an international Strategic Partnership Program, co-financed by the European Union under the Erasmus+ Program.


    The International project “Through culinary heritage to key competences” is co-financed by the EU ERASMUS+ Programme.